Nu verkrijgbaar bij MADRacing de nieuwe Braking EPTA disk brakes

BRAKING EPTA brake discs are the result of 2 years of test study, along with several selected SBK racing team.

The Braking Epta brake discs made of a new, never been used in other manufacturers special steel alloy.
With the help of this material, in conjunction with the special Epta design, such a radical Racing brake performance is achieved, as in normal discs area auserhalb the Moto GP is not found.

Significant co-developer of Epta disc is the Supersport World Champion Kenan Sofuoglu.

Kenan had has funktioneren precise ideas about how a SBK brake and the first of the round u

ntil the last lap. According to him, there is nothing to depremierenderes than to lose a race in the last corners. Therefore, he called for a brake disc with extremely strong braking power. However, the problem here is to keep a whole race long in this high Nivau this braking power. Usually the race discs glow from the end of it the race and the performance decreases. However, Kenan Sofuoglu called a disc the curve until the last has exactly the same performance from the first.

After 2 years of diverse testing, evaluations, Besprechnungen and test races in SBK and Supersport World Championships, Braking had finally created a disc that met the needs of the world champion.

the BRAKING EPTA RACING brake disc was born.

Since it is a special racing brake disc for World Cup teams BRAKING had originally not planned a conventional sale of the discs. Only selected World Cup team should be able to draw on these discs.


Why should I buy a BRAKING EPTA brake disc for my racing bike?
The discs have no MOT, are expensive only for racing use and also condemned due to the material and the enormous test effort. In addition, in general, most Faher from the hobby or National racing will never drive this disc to their limits.
But like so many things in life you can ask the question whether we need these high end brake disc or not. The fact is, however, if you want to have one of the best Racing brake discs, which gives it to purchase on the open commercial market, you can not get at the EPTA BRAKING disc.

BRAKING EPTA brake discs are the ultimate Superbike weapon and intended only for racing.

Made in Italy